Rīga, my Rīga, you I love...

Many composers have provided melodies to accompany the poetry of Alexander Caks. One of the most productive ones is Arturs Maskats. In the 1980s Maskats, on piano, accompanied the legendary Latvian actor, Ivars Kalnins performing solo songs. Over time many of these songs were reworked into choral pieces. Rīga (composed in 1982) has featured in many Song Celebration performances.
From 2006 to 2010, along with Ints Teterovskis, BALSIS was led by Valdis Tomsons, the current artistic director of Juventus, the choir of the University of Latvia, as well as the current conductor of the nation's academic choir, Latvia. During the BALSIS 2009 season, Valdis Tomsons and the choir staged an ambitious programme of Arturs Maskats' music performing over 10 concerts. These culminated in an evening concert on May 12, at the Gallery Centre on Audeju Street.
In this clip you can hear the Youth Choir BALSIS along with previous choristers from the choir performing as visasBALSIS. Arturs Maskats accompanies the choir on the piano with Valdis Tomsons conducting. It was recorded at the BALSIS anniversay concert SVETKI! In the Lielais Dzintars concert hall in Liepaja. Choristers from BALSIS can be seen in the clip along with drawings by Anta Priedite and Aigars Ozolins.
On July 5, the clip VINDO was uploaded for your enjoyment, it being the first of Youth Choir BALSIS 11 new videoclips. The next videoclip to premiere will appear on jauns.lv next Wednesday, July 26.


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