This Christmas, everyone is welcome to sing Hadndel's music along with the professionals

“Latvia is a choral music land – we have many singers of all ages who are either active chorists or have been at one time. Instituting the Sing-Along tradition let's everyone who has or has had sight-reading experience become active participants in the concert along with professional musicians singing the oratorio's finale chorus. At the same time, the concert can be enjoyed by anyone in attendance,” says artistic director for the project, conductor Ints Teterovskis.

Sing Along is a new project with a long-term view to organise special concerts a few times a year and offer concert goers the oportunity to become performers – singing popular melodies together with professional musicians. The sing-along tradition has been around in Europe for many years already and, in a sense, is not foreign to Latvija – choral music enthusiasts gladly get involved in many sing-along events (the closing of the Song Festival, or thematic concerts being good examples).

The Messiah oratorio is one of the World's most beloved Christmas time compositions whose most famous melodies have been heard by each and every one of us at least once – during the Advent, the Hallelujah chorus rings out, in different arrangements, from many houses of worship, concert halls and radio shows. Including other popular choruses in to the program will create a very special feeling on the evening of the 4th Advent.

The Messiah oratorio has steady popularity in english-speaking countries and within the framework of the sing-along gathering many thousands of singers in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Scratch Messiah, People's Messiah, Come Sing Messiah, Sing Along Messiah – these are some of the names with which the sing-along movement is known in different parts of the World. The events usually happen in churches or concert halls and each concert attendee is invited, even without preparation, to bring sheet music and become a member of the choir, singing along with the professional musicians and orchestra. The longest running sing-along events are the Do-It-Yourself Messiah that has been held in Chicago since 1976, and Messiah From Scratch, that has been gathering more than 3000 participants at London's Royal Albert Hall since 1974.

A united and inspired society can accomplish many wonderful things and fill its days with a creative and powerful energy. This is why this project's founders see great potential for the sing-along movement in Latvia. The next event in the Sing-Along series is being planned for the spring of 2017 and will focus on music by Latvian composers. 

Tickets can be purchased at Bilesu Paradize outlets or online. 

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