The main thing is not to lose the panic!

                                          -Māris Kupčs

Youth Choir BALSIS is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!  We invite you to come to our anniversary celebration concert on Sunday, April 8, 18:00 in the Great Hall of the University of Latvia. And this will not be just any concert! This will be a SPECIAL concert with a SPECIAL programme, sung by SPECIAL people and conducted by SPECIAL conductors!


 First of all, the choir will not be small.  It is possible that there will be 50, 100 or even 200 people singing in the choir.  Secondly, this will not really be a YOUTH choir.  Among the choristers will be mothers, fathers, people in the prime of their lives and even some celebrities!  Why?  Because, anyone and everyone who has at one time sung in BALSIS will be invited to sing in this concert.  And those who are not singing will be applauding in the audience.  In summary, this means that the choir is older than most of the singers who are currently singing in BALSIS.  But that is not important.

 There are also the essential mathematics – if it is 25 years, then we must sing 25 songs!  One could say, OLD songs, if they weren’t truly TIMELESS songs! Songs which are very dear to current and past BALSIS singers – the most beautiful songs which we can still sing from memory!  In fact, we could probably sing them without a conductor...

 But we will have conductors!  One to please every taste!  Each with their own style!  Māris Kupčs and Kaspars Putniņš – from the time of the founding of the choir, Agita Ikauniece and Ints Teterovskis – from the turn of the century period, and most recently – Valdis Tomsons and Laura Leontjeva.

 Also singing in the concert will be two beautiful professional vocalists – Sonora Vaice and Ieva Parša, who both started their careers to a certain extent with BALSIS.  The story of the beginnings and young years of BALSIS will be told by our emcee for the evening – the great Orests Silabriedis.

 In brief – please join us – even if you have never heard BALSIS, or if the last time you heard BALSIS was in your youth!  You will also be able to purchase BALSIS CDs!  We are already receiving letters of congratulations!  This makes us feel forever youthful!  BALSIS…DOES NOT AGE!


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