On July 5, at the Kaņepes Cultural Centre, nine free unique screenings of  the choir BALSIS new video clip took place. The clip is a co-operative venture between the multimedia artist Peter Birins and Arvids Baranovs from Eaglewood Films. The song, Vindo, was composed by Reinis Sejans and Janis Sipkevics in 2007. Andris Sejans then arranged it for choirs especially for the 8th Northern and Baltic Nations Song Festival which took place in Riga in 2015. At the screening, the audience had the opportunity to meet the composer, the producers and the artists: the youth choir BALSIS; their conductor, Ints Teterovskis and DJ Monsta. The clip shows unusual or interesting landscapes and objects in Latvia, quite unlike those that appear in the usual tourist brochures. These were selected by the choristers. During the screening, Arvids Baranovs commented “ We wanted to show Latvia’s natural landscape and juxtapose that with industrial objects which may not spring to mind as complementary to the chorister dressed in a beautiful national costume but with a half crumbling building of the Kemeri Sanatorium in the background.” The music track was recorded at Lielais Dzintars, the concert hall in Liepaja, at BALSIS 30th anniversary concert on April 8, 2017. This brings to the clip a particularly true sound, which has been adapted for the clip by the sound engineer Talis Timrots. However this is not the only new release in the 30th anniversary year! From September 17, every Wednesday until September, one of 10 new video clips will premiere on jauns.lv. The creators and artists of the ideas for these clips are artists AIgars Ozolins and Anta Priedite.


On May 23, 2017 at 7.00pm in the Great Hall (Lielajā Aula) of the University of Latvia, BALSIS Youth Choir will present a concert jointly with chorister from Purdue University in the USA. The TV serial Glee has stimulated interest amongst young people in American pop-culture. The Purdue Varsity Glee Club is one of the most prominent representatives of this music genre. We’ll hear traditional American songs, well-known Beatles tunes, as well as popular, contemporary choir, works. There’ll even be the chance to sing along.

The core of the program selected by conductor William Griffel will be contemporary American choir music, traditional songs, Beatles songs, popular arrangements of choral music and the Latvian folk song Es kara’i aiziedams (I. Ramiņš arrangement), which the choir has learned specifically for this concert. In turn, BALSIS will add to the musical kaleidoscope of the concert by singing the works of  Gall, Brahms, Sisask, etc.

The Purdue Varsity Glee Club male choir is composed of singers from a range of professions; astronaut, physicist, athlete, politician, cartoonist, environmental researcher, lawyer, landscape gardener, engineer, a diplomat who sings and composes, these are but a few. Even though none of the professions are directly related to the study of music, the choir has gained a reputation as a brilliant professional level choir, achieving amazing variety with, at times, eight-part harmonies.

In its almost 125 years of existence (the choir was established in 1893) this dynamic musical troupe has cultivated and staged a varied repertoire, which includes spiritual songs, vocal jazz standards, contemporary hits, romantic ballads, classical choral opuses, folk tunes, patriotic songs and well-known opera choruses. In order to improve upon every performance and engage an audience of various ages, the choir also sings is small groups and invites well-known soloists to join them.

Currently, the choir is on a concert tour, which includes Poland and the Baltics, getting to know the rich history and culture of these nations as well as performing alongside well-known ensembles from these countries.

Entry to the concert is free.

We are grateful for the support of SIA “LDZ CARGO” at this Latvian choral event.

BALSIS Youth Choir invites everyone to the concert hall “Lielais Dzintars” in Liepaja for their anniversary concert, SVĒTKI, on April 8, 2017 at 6.30pm celebrating the 30th year of the choir’s formation.

Liepaja will be hosting a range of cultural and sporting activities on April 8 and, as a result, the railway’s “Pasažieru vilciens” is organising a special train (Route 887) which will run on that day from Rīga to Liepaja stopping at: Jelgava,Dobele,Saldus and Skrunda, leaving Riga Central Station at 8.50am. The return journey (Route 888) on April 8 will commence at 9.55pm, stopping as before and reaching Riga April 9, at 1.00am. Tickets for these jouneys can be purchased as usual at the stations.

On April 8, Liepaja will be hosting the running race “Jēkaba kross”, an international dance sport competition “Dzintarlāse 2017”, an endurance race “Liepājas spēks 2017”, a folk dance festival “Aprīļa pilieni”, and “Piafa” a performance by the Liepaja Theatre Company – but most importantly, the weather forecast is good!

The concert “SVĒTKI!”  will fill the large hall of Liepajas “Lielais Dzintars” with sounds, lights and other media forms starting from 6.30pm. In the first part of the concert, the choir, in its current configuration, will perform works from across the globe which will be accompanied by stunning visual and spatial effects created by Peteris Brīninš and supported by DJ Monsta. The task of setting the mood for the second part of the concert has been entrusted to video artist Anita Priedīte and stage designer Aigars Ozoliņš. In this part, the words of Latvia’s poets will be entwined with music by some of Latvia’s most famous composers. The 100 voice choir and soloists will be conducted by Ikauniece, Kupčs, Teterovskis, Tomsons, acoompanied by Maskats and the MC Orķestris, and so it continues... with Orests Silabriedis as MC.

There’ll be plenty of surprises! There will be no room for indifference as the air vibrates with the fervour that is characteristic of the choir’s singing reflecting the diversity of colours. You will hear the works of Plakidis, Butāns, Pauls, Vasks, Gallus, Kalniņš, Ešenvalds, Norvilis, Brahms, Kaminskis, Rusovs, Dārziņš, Sējāns, Sisask, Jēkabsone, Maskats, Stabulnieks, Vaivods, Muktupāvels along with the verses of Aspazija, Ziedons, Mārtuževa, Moreino, Čaka, Belševica, Tīsdeila, Miesnieks un Peters.

Co-developers and partners of the concert are: the Concert Hall “Lielais Dzintars”, Liepaja City Municipality Administration, The Liepaja Department of Culture, Riga City Council, the State Culture Capital Foundation,  “Mazā Ģilde”, “Sixt Latvia”, Pbx.lv.

Concert tickets are 5/7/10/12 EUR, and available from Biļešu Paradīzes sales points and online at  bilesuparadize.lv, lielaisdzintars.lv


Additional information:

Ints Teterovskis

Tel. 29414158


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