Some may ask what is the connection between a car manufacturer and classical music?  Many people know that Audi has organized its own classical music festival for many years. This year in Ingolstadt, from July 3 to 30, Audi will present the 23rd annual Audi Summer Concerts (Audi Sommerkonzerte 2012). The motto this year is „For eternity” („Für die Ewigkeit”), which weaves throughout the programme and has determined the choices for programming and artists.



The main thing is not to lose the panic!

                                          -Māris Kupčs

Youth Choir BALSIS is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!  We invite you to come to our anniversary celebration concert on Sunday, April 8, 18:00 in the Great Hall of the University of Latvia. And this will not be just any concert! This will be a SPECIAL concert with a SPECIAL programme, sung by SPECIAL people and conducted by SPECIAL conductors!


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